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2 Upcycling Projects For Old Shutters

by Cherly King

If you're renovating an old house, you might be finding a lot of parts and pieces that seem as though they have little place in today's world. When replacing your old shutters with new ones, like those from Aero Shade Co. Inc., don't just throw your old ones away. Here are two projects you should consider doing with those old shutters instead.

Old Shutter Organizer

If you're like most people, you've probably had that moment of panic, wondering if you've paid all the bills, or have an appointment you're forgetting. You can solve that problem while reducing waste in the landfill by turning that old shutter into an organizer with these simple steps.

  • If the shutter is wooden, you may want to sand it. Getting old paint off the wood will make the rest of the project easier. If there is any chance the paint could be lead based, consider painting over it, or leaving it as-is for a rustic look. If you must sand lead paint, use proper safety precautions.
  • Paint the shutter any color you like. You could go with classic white to make it pop, robin's egg blue to make a statement, or even chalkboard paint. This trick can be used on the entire shutter, or just in a square at the top or bottom, and can help you stay on top of appointments.
  • If your shutter already has slats, use an inexpensive piece of plywood to enclose the back. This will create slots for bills, notes, pictures, or other reminders and mementos.
  • If your shutter doesn't already have slats, attaching pegs with screws secured through the back side, or small baskets attached with a staple gun, are easy ways to create storage space.

Once you're done, place your new organizer somewhere convenient, and stop having those little moments of panic.

Old Shutter Headboard

Have you been wondering how to make your bedroom feel bright, welcoming, and restful? Adding a headboard is a great way to accomplish those things, but they can be very expensive to purchase. Consider using your old shutters, instead.

  • Measure your shutters and make any appropriate adjustments. Decide if you want the shutters to stand vertically or horizontally and cut them to size.
  • If you're using more than one shutter, secure them together with wood glue and a C-clamp. After the glue is dried, adding staples to the back side will help keep them together for the long haul without marring the face of the headboard.
  • Paint the headboard any color you like. Consider the color palette used in the rest of your room, and choose a complimentary color. Choose a restful tone like green or blue, or a bright white to increase emphasis on the interesting nature of your new furniture piece.
  • Secure the headboard to the wall against which the head of your bed rests using screws and anchors. This is a great shortcut, as opposed to adding the necessary parts and steps to get your new headboard to attach to your bed frame. It looks the same, but saves you a lot of time and effort. 

Now that you've got a headboard, your room will seem to come together a little better. Adding a headboard provides a focal point for the room, and makes it seem like the bedroom was planned instead of thrown together willy-nilly.

As you can see, those old shutters still have a lot of uses. You can put them to use giving your home a little more organization or a much needed face lift. You'll be saving them from the landfill, keeping yourself busy, and saving money all at once. Go you!