Your House is Your Haven: Don't Neglect the Interior

How to Restore Gardens Around an Older Home

by Cherly King

Have you recently moved into an older home? Perhaps you have been busy doing remodeling on the inside of the home. At the same time, the gardens of your previously owned home might need a lot of attention to beautify them. If that is the case, from sprucing up the landscaping to restoring old statues, here are some ideas on how to restore the gardens of your older home.

Make Your Preparations on Paper—Even though it might take some time, it will probably be helpful for you to have notes that indicate what jobs need to be done. For example, if you can see the general layout of the previous landscaping, do you want to keep that design?

Perhaps you want to keep some of the features that are in the gardens, but you want to add your own touches. Go through home and garden magazines to get ideas on how to tweak what is already in the gardens of your previously owned home. Another idea is to drive through the neighborhood to get ideas from other yards that you think are exceptionally lovely.

When you have some ideas you'd like to implement, write down contact information for professionals who will be helping you with the restoration of your gardens.

Do the Actual Work—Will you do all the work yourself, or will you be hiring professionals to help you to restore the gardens of your home?

Start with the front of your house since it is what everybody sees first. Are there granite stairs that lead to your front door? If they need to be restored, hire services like Aldayna to do the job. What about the landscaping? If you have a green thumb and you enjoy gardening, you'll probably want to do things like planting, pruning and adding garden decor.

Are you lucky enough to have marble statuary as part of the design of the gardens? Don't worry if the marble statues are in disrepair. Professional artists have the experience and the right tools to restore the statues to their original appearance. 

Don't forget to add other touches that will make your gardens special. For example, buy decorative bird houses or even real ones that will attract birds that are found in your area. Outdoor lighting will add interest to your gardens, too. Think about choosing a day a week, probably during the weekend, when you can work on your gardens to maintain the beauty that has been established.