Your House is Your Haven: Don't Neglect the Interior

Three Services To Gift Your Parents For The Holiday Season

by Cherly King

Many parents shun monetary or even tangible gifts from their children. If your parents are like this, you may need to be a little more sneaky about the presents that you give to them. Instead of giving them something directly monetary, you may need to be sneaky with what you do. If your parents take pride in their home, there are a few services that you can order for them as a Christmas gift. Here are three services that you can gift your parents for the holiday season. 

Get their Carpets Cleaned

A nice clean house on the inside can take a lot of manpower; especially if you have carpet. If your parents take pride in their home, hiring a company like Bravo Cleaning & Restoration to professionally clean their carpets is sure to make their holidays merrier. By getting out dirt, bacteria, and dust from their carpets, your parents won't just be able to live more comfortably but their carpets will look great as well!

Provide a gardening service for several months

Doing gardening while it is cold, rainy, or snowing is not something that most people look forward too. If your parents love a lush yard and have several flower beds or nice trees, a gardening service is a great holiday present. Have the gardening service come once every few weeks to keep the grass cut, take care of any necessary branch cutting, and flower bed maintenance. If there are no blooms during the winter you can have the gardening team plant new seeds to spring up as soon as the weather breaks. If everything is covered in snow, a snow removal team can provide sidewalk and driveway service so that there are no entry issues during holiday parties. 

Holiday decorating teams

When the holidays roll around, there is often a rush of people looking to string lights on their home or set up an outside area celebrating the season. In order to make sure your parents have nice decor but don't have to put in the labor, hire a holiday decorations service company. The decoration service company can string lights around your parents home, set up an outside holiday scene, and even bring in real Christmas trees and poinsettias to have placed in both their front and backyard. If your parents love nothing more than holiday cheer, the outside decorations will make them happy every time they drive up.