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3 Ways To Upgrade The Look Of Your Old Kitchen Cabinets

by Cherly King

Are you tired of looking at those old kitchen cabinets that have been in your home for years now but you're just not ready to take the step of investing in new ones? You don't have to be stuck with a look you don't love — here are three fun ways to upgrade the overall look and feel of your old cabinets:

Use Stencils to Decorate Them

A fun way to give your old kitchen cabinets new life is to decorate them with the help of stencils. Start by taking the cabinets down and sanding them. From there, attach stencils on the cabinet and then apply paint within the stencils to create your designs. After the paint dries, take the stencils off the cabinets and then seal the cabinets with clear lacquer to prevent the stenciled designs from fading or rubbing off as time goes on.

To create a country look, consider using stencil designs that feature wine bottles, grape leaves, chickens, and even eggs. A modern look can be created using stencils that feature abstract shapes and designs. Create a traditional look with the help of designs that feature stripes, squares, and circles.

Install LED Lighting on Them

Illuminate your cabinets by installing small LED lights on them. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be powered by battery, solar, or regular electricity. You can install them underneath the cabinets to give them an elegant look and to shine extra light onto your counters, which should come in handy when you're cooking after the sun goes down. Install them under the shelves inside the the cabinets to illuminate the items that are stored there. If you have glass cabinet doors, the lighting will create a nice glow that gives your kitchen a warm ambiance.

Install New Clavos on Them

Installing decorative nails such as clavos on your cabinet doors is an easy and effective way to create an impressive new look in your kitchen. Unlike a typical nail, clavos have large decorative pieces of metal on the ends of them, so when they're installed on things like cabinet doors, they can be used as handles. They're sturdy, attractive, and affordable which makes them the perfect upgrade solution for any kitchen. You'll designs featuring circles, pyramids, squares, along with a myriad of textures and colors to choose from.

Order your clavos today and be well on your way to having upgraded kitchen cabinets that the whole family is sure to appreciate.