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Be Sure to Love Your Kitchen Cabinets with Some Buying Tips

by Cherly King

When remodeling a kitchen, a major element of the project is the cabinetry. Whether you are buying standard kitchen cabinets from a home improvement store or you are enlisting a carpenter or contractor to make handcrafted custom cabinetry, you will have some design choices to make. The products that you buy  impact the style and convenience of your kitchen space and overall satisfaction with your investment.

Considering new cabinets? Keep the following buying tips in mind.

Start with the door. With a seemingly endless array of cabinet options, it might help to start by choosing the door. Choose a profile for your cabinetry doors. This will refine your search to a more manageable array of options.

Pick a material. Next, narrow down your materials. You can find kitchen cabinets in natural wood, metal, melamine, and stainless-steel. When choosing wood, you will also have to choose the stain or finish for your cabinets. Consider decorative techniques like glazing, distressing, and crackling to give your cabinets a distinct look. Don't forget to choose hardware that matches your design style and coordinates with other kitchen fixtures.

Optimize and prioritize organization. It pays to optimize organization. You should draw out a plan of what you need for cabinet space. If you want everything to have its place, create an outline of exactly what you have and how much space you need for it. This will also help your kitchen designer or contractor better understand your vision.

Ask about storage solutions. Get creative about storage. For example you can buy cabinets that house lazy Susan's, pull outs, or gliding drawers. These options will provide ample room for everything you store and stash in your home's kitchen.

Augment what you have. If you want to re-purpose existing fixtures and curb costs of cabinetry, augment what you already have with some fresh finishes, new hardware, and added components. If buying an entire cabinetry system for your kitchen is not feasible, add a couple of custom cabinets that fit with your configuration and that add space and storage

Put function first. Naturally, you want cabinets with aesthetic appeal, but don't get taken by sheer beauty. Give plenty of thought to function to ensure you have a practical—and pretty—kitchen remodel.

Talk to retailers or contractors about your distinct preferences and needs when it comes to your kitchen cabinets; after all, you know your lifestyle, habits, and tastes are better than anyone. Handcrafted cabinets from high-quality materials can increase the overall value of your home. Don't skimp and experience buyer's remorse later on.