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Is Your Garden Club Hosting A Spring Flower Show?

by Cherly King

Are you a skilled flower arranger? If so, you might belong to a flower club where you and other flower arrangers learn more about things like technique and about growing your own flowers. In addition, you might have yearly flower shows that are open to the public. If that's the case, and if you are on the committee for a flower show that will be held in the spring of 2019, from securing canvas canopy tents to setting up different categories of arrangements, here are some ideas that might help this year's flower show be a memorable one.

Rent Canvas Canopy Tents - Have you always had your flower show inside? If so, consider making some changes this year and having at least part of the flower arrangements displayed outdoors. After all, your garden club more than likely chose springtime for your event because it's a nice time of year. So, why not let your attendees enjoy the day while they look at the arrangements? If you do decide to have part of your event, or even all of it, outside, think about renting canvas canopy tents. For example, you could rent a small one for the individuals who will be taking tickets to the event. Then rent large canvas canopy tents for the actual flower arrangements to be displayed. 

Designate Areas - If you do decide to rent canvas canopy tents, consider using them for different types of flower arrangement displays. For example, if you have a section where junior participants will be entering arrangements in the show, you could have all of those under one of the tents. If there will be a special section where arrangements made with handmade silk flowers will be displayed, consider all of those under a separate tent. Perhaps you are even having a guest who will do something like Japanese flower arrangements. If so, consider having a tent for that purpose. You can more than likely rent nice folding chairs for that event at the same place where you rent the canvas canopy tents. Don't hesitate to use the canvas canopy tents inside, either. For example, you might have a section where sales of the flower arrangements are being made. If so, designate a specific tent for that purpose. 

The great part about renting canvas canopy tents is that the company will more than likely be happy to set them up and then take them down after your event is over. Talk to a company such as Evans Awning for more information.