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Are You Decorating A Newly Enclosed Patio In A Garden Style?

by Cherly King

If you have decided to enclose your outdoor patio, you are more than likely in the process of decorating it. If you have chosen to go with a garden theme, you more than likely want to be able to look at your beautifully landscaped garden from the windows of your enclosed patio. From selecting the window treatment to selecting the furniture and other decor, here are some ideas that might help you to design an attractive and unique garden style room.

The Window Treatment - Consider selecting wooden shutters for your windows. Brands like Levolor, Bali, and Hunter Douglas will all have an assortment of shutters from which you can make your selection. For example, you can select plantation style wooden shutters in various colors. For a bright and sunny look, think of selecting white or off-white for your shutters. For a very elegant look, consider the color of mahogany wood.

The great thing about selecting wooden shutters is that, besides being affordable, they will last for a very long time. In addition, they will be easy to maintain. Just dust them with your feather duster when you are dusting the rest of your wooden furniture. If more cleaning is needed, a soft damp rag with a gentle cleanser will do the job beautifully.

The Additional Decor - Since you are going with a garden theme for your newly enclosed patio, think of selecting furniture that you might use outdoors. For example, weather-resistant wicker or rattan would both be excellent choices. Wrought iron would be nice, too. If you want to go with traditional indoor furniture, select upholstery with a garden look. For instance, the upholstery could have a floral pattern or a fern pattern. Another idea is to select a solid color and then choose throw pillows with things like flowers, birds and butterflies as the focal point of the pillow design.

Think of ways you can give your garden-themed enclosed patio a unique look. For example, there's nothing that says you can't put a hammock or a swing bench in an enclosed patio, right? Think of having hanging faux ferns and other faux flowers in the room, along with real plants that thrive inside. Select decorative birdhouses to place in strategic places. Another idea would be to choose a wall fountain that would bring the sound of water into your enclosed patio. Any colors you use for your furniture and other decor will easily complement the wooden shutters you select for your window treatment. 

For more information on finding Hunter Douglas shutters for your patio, contact your local supplier.