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3 Easy Modifications That Will Protect Your Home From Hurricanes

by Cherly King

Being prepared for a hurricane is important. However, if you live in an area that sees frequent hurricanes, then you may want to make some permanent changes to your home to make getting ready for the next storm easier. Here are three things every homeowner should do if they live in an area that receives frequent storms:

1. Install storm shutters on your windows.

When a hurricane is approaching, it's crucial that you protect your windows. Hurricane-force winds can shatter windows. They can also turn lawn furniture and other objects into projectiles which can break windows. Typically, you would have to use plywood to secure your windows. However, this is a time-consuming temporary solution which can leave unsightly holes in your walls.

Instead of attaching plywood to your window frames, you can install storm shutters. Storm shutters can be left open during times of clear weather. When a hurricane or tropical storm approaches, they can be closed to protect your home from projectiles and broken glass. Unlike normal shutters, storm shutters are made to withstand impact. They can also be very attractive, which means they won't detract from your interior design.

2. Secure your patio furniture.

As a hurricane draws near, experts advise people to bring patio furniture indoors. This can be a hassle, especially if you have a small home that cannot easily accommodate outdoor furniture. If you receive frequent storms, securing your patio furniture to the ground is another option you can consider. Bolting your patio chairs and tables to the ground will allow you to keep them outside during a storm without fear of these objects getting blown away. You should only consider this if your outdoor furniture is made from durable material that can withstand rain, such as plastic or metal. 

3. Add a wind vent to your fence.

Many people who live in close proximity to their neighbors utilize a fence to provide extra privacy. Unfortunately, during a hurricane, solid fences may be blown away by high winds. In order to prevent damage to your fence, you should install a wind vent. A wind vent is an area of fencing that includes openings for wind to pass through. This can save your fence during a hurricane. If you don't like the reduction in privacy that a wind vent creates, you can purchase a removable panel that allows you to cover the vent during times of clear weather.