Your House is Your Haven: Don't Neglect the Interior

Sprucing Up The House For That One Guest

by Cherly King

It seems that many people are completely content with their home until that one person calls and lets them know that they're coming for a visit. It is at that moment that you realize just how boring and unfinished your home looks – it's time to get busy! Here you'll find a few quick and easy projects that will help you spruce things up for the guest you want to impress.

Hang Some Photos

The easiest way to make a house feel like a home is to hang some personal pictures throughout. But wait – you don't have to spend hours with a level, box of nails, and a hammer – instead, pick up a pack of tool-free picture hooks. These hooks press firmly onto the drywall and will hold the picture securely to the wall.

When hanging the photos, keep a small level on hand. Before you press the hook onto the drywall, check that the hook is level. If the hook is level, the picture will be level. Contact companies like Janco Products LLC to learn more about tool-free hooks.

Pillows and Throws

A house feels more like a home when you can picture yourself cuddling up on the couch with a good book and a glass of wine. Adding pillows and throws can make your sofa appear more inviting.

If you don't have any color in the room, the pillows and throws are your opportunity to add the color that the room is missing.

Scented Oil Diffuser

The smell of your home will say a lot about you. If your guest walks in and smells nothing but feet, she's not going to be impressed. Spend some time sniffing oil diffusers at your local store. Find a smell that you love that isn't too overpowering. Place the oil diffuser just inside the door, so that your guests are greeted with a lovely scent the minute they walk in the door.

Guest Slippers

If you're like many, you don't want people walking through your house with their shoes on. Instead of forcing them to walk around in socks or bare feet, pick up a few pairs of guest slippers to keep in the closet. You don't have to splurge and get good slippers – instead, pick them up at the end of the season when you can get them for next to nothing. Then you have lots of slippers and can gift them to each guest when they leave.

Get creative, but don't go too far – time is limited. Focus on the small things that will make the biggest impact.