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Luxury Stones You Can Use For Pool Decking

by Cherly King

Swimming pools are a luxury on their own. Homeowners who want a swimming pool with real wow factor often turn to luxurious materials for the pool and its environs. For instance, they might choose tile for the pool liner. Well, another area where you can scale up is in the decking. Consider the following luxury stones for your pool deck.


Granite is an igneous rock that features an impermeable surface. As such, it's naturally resistant to moisture, including water from the swimming pool. It's also an exceptionally hard stone, so it doesn't wear down easily.

Granite comes in a wide range of colors, but you'll want to stay on the light spectrum so the decking surface doesn't absorb too much heat. Light granite with marbling would be beautiful for an Italianate or otherwise indulgent pool because of its resemblance to marble.


Slate is a metamorphic rock with a textured surface. Like granite, slate is naturally resistant to water. Slate shows great strength even when it's been soaking in water. While most people think of gray in terms of color, slate also comes in a range of blues, purples, pinks, and greens.

As with granite, you want to stick to the lighter end of the spectrum when you choose slate for your pool decking. A light gray slate pool deck would be ideal for a modern style pool. You could have the coping or other edging finished in one of the other slate colors.


Travertine is a sedimentary rock in the limestone family. Miners quarry travertine primarily along streams, especially those that feature springs or waterfalls. Travertine isn't as hard as granite or slate. However, a polished finish will give it a fair amount of waterproofing. As a bonus, the surface tends to remain cool.

Natural travertine comes mostly in warm, light hues. You see some variegations in the color. These qualities make travertine ideal for an upscale traditional pool. This type of pool will probably feature a spa and tidy landscaping nearby.


Flagstone is a sedimentary rock with a naturally textured surface. As home experts point out, this textured surface makes flagstone ideal for pool decking because the surface provides a natural foot grip. Contractors can also lay flagstone so water permeates through the pool decking.

Flagstone comes in a wide variety of light colors with pleasing variegations. For this reason, flagstone would work for any pool style. However, brown-hued flagstone laid without grouting would be a gorgeous decking for a naturalistic pool.

To learn more about luxury stone for pool decking, reach out to a luxury stone supply company near you.