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Home Decor Recommendations To Add In Camouflage To Your Living Room Space

by Cherly King

You might love all things outdoor and hunting, and being able to bring this feeling into your home could be very important to you. To be able to personalize your home and interior space, look at adding in a camouflage design idea to your entire home or to one or two individual rooms and in order to showcase your own personal style and interests. Here are some recommendations to help you plan and design your camouflage-themed living room to be an attractive and comfortable space.

Add in Coordinating Color

In a room designed with an outdoor, hunting, and camouflage theme, there are a number of accessories and decor you can add into the room for a uniform design. When you have, for example, some camouflage rugs, wall art, and a sofa, you can add other camo-designed pieces to bring everything together. Adding in blue camo leather throw pillow covers into your decor will add some color to your sofa and chairs and also put a pop of blue color into the room. You can find blue camo pillows that match with, for example, a blue vase or the color of the window draperies. 

Look for a durable and stain-resistant leather fabric pillows or pillow covers to keep the accent pieces looking great for a long time. When you consider the amount of time you, your family, and your friends will spend on the couch amid the throw pillows, you will want something that is going to hold up well and not become worn-looking. And a pillow or pillow cover that is easy to wash and keep clean will be usable for a long time.

Accentuate the Windows

To match your camo-themed room, look for some window treatments that will additionally match with your room's decor. A set of blue camo draperies to line the sides of your windows can be used to provide privacy, keep out the summer sun and heat, and to block the sun's glare during an afternoon movie marathon. 

Be sure the draperies are lined to provide them with extra sun and light-blocking properties and to help insulate your windows against the winter cold. When you want to keep the room comfortable during summer and winter, you need the draperies to provide this extra layer of protection in addition to looking attractive and coordinating for your living room space.

Look online and with local retailers for camouflage pattern decor pieces, fabrics, and themed art to help you plan and design your home space.