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Five Garage Storage Tips

by Cherly King

This summer, make your garage a pleasant area to work and store items by installing a custom storage system. The following tips can help you organize the space so that it works better for your needs.

1. Group By Zones

Begin by pulling everything out of your garage and organizing it by use or work zones. For example, all the lawn equipment should be grouped together, the tools go in another grouping, and tools go in yet another. Then, further divide these groupings into active and passive zones. For example, if you want to have a work table in your garage, then the tools would be in an active zone. Items like holiday decorations, which are usually only accessed once a year, go into a passive zone. This will help you determine where to place a grouping once you begin organizing.

2. Divide Your Space

Next, divide your garage space so you can see where the zone for each of your groupings should be. Masking tape on the ground to delineate each zone can help. Active zones and items that must be accessed often, like lawn equipment, should be the easiest to access. Passive zones can be placed in less accessible areas. For example, rafter storage may be the answer for storing your tubs of winter decor. 

3. Install Work Areas

Any zone that will have a dedicated work area, such as a potting table or workshop area, needs to be installed first. The rest of your storage for this zone will be designed around your work top. The same goes for appliance areas, such as if you have your washer and dryer in the garage. Install the appliances first so you can plan storage around them.

4. Add Storage

Shelves and cabinets are the ideal types of storage. In a garage, doors on all of your shelving and cabinet units can help keep dust and debris out. Just keep in mind that if you will be storing volatile items, like paint, paint thinner, or fuel, you will need a cabinet with ventilation holes so fumes don't build up and combust. Look for modular systems that you can fit around your work spaces in the way that works best for you.

5. Look Up

Don't overlook overhead storage. There are storage systems available that fit into the garage rafters and that allow you to easily slide storage bins overhead. This is a great place to store seasonal items and those items you don't need to access too often. Overhead storage hooks and hangers also work well for recreational equipment, like bikes and skis.

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