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Balusters, Rails, And Stairs — Oh My! How To Choose An Interior Stair Railing Style

by Cherly King

Stairs are a large part of the personality of a home. When considering home renovation, there are many ways to update stairs by replacing, refinishing, painting, or adding a carpet runner. However, in this category, the renovation with the biggest impact is an update to the stair railing.

Unless you have extensive experience in home reconstruction, the best route to take with this project is to hire an interior railing service. These professionals can help you choose the railing of your dreams that will fit your style and your budget.

There are many different types of railings that will affect the look of your home's interior. Here are a few options to consider.

Traditional: Classic wooden balusters and hand-rails create a warm, cozy atmosphere that is timeless and grounded. If a homeowner desires to keep the original wood railing, a simple update is to change the paint or the stain finish.

Glass: Transparent railings or guards open up a space by allowing the viewer to look through the material to the rest of the home. This type of stair treatment creates a chic and minimal appearance on the staircase. However, glass shows fingerprints and can be tricky to keep clean. Glass will still need a handrail on top, so consider what material will best frame your railings and compliment your space.

Modern Horizontal: Homeowners seeking a modern aesthetic are turning to horizontal metal railings for sleek stairways. Clean, straight lines are incredibly popular with this updated look. Since young children can easily climb horizontal bars, safety may be a concern for some homeowners. In select areas, safety restrictions are placed on these type of stairway treatments, so make sure to check local regulations before deciding on this style.

Shapes and Movement: Custom steel or wood railings add significant interest to any style of home. Why not add some drama and flair with a unique railing? Conventional railings can be exchanged for balusters with interesting shapes, colors, and designs. Swirling curves on steel balusters add movement in a space that can otherwise be a bit "flat." Artistic homeowners will love the whimsy of these playful updates to traditional architecture.

Mixed Materials: Mixing two or more of the above materials is common; for example, a wooden handrail with steel balusters or a glass and steel guard. Don't be afraid to ask your interior railing designer for mixed-material options that will fit your style.

For more information, contact an interior railing service.