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Granite: It's Worth It

by Cherly King

When choosing kitchen countertops, many homeowners go back and forth as to whether they should spring for the granite counters. Granite has a reputation for being the premier counter material, but it also has the reputation of being expensive. But here's the thing: granite is worth it. If you do have the room in your budget to spring for those granite counters, you should — and here's why.

They will last a lifetime.

Many counter materials are long-lived. Quartz will last decades, and marble will too. Granite, however, is on a whole other level when it comes to durability. If you invest in granite counters now, you will never need to buy counters again. Some homeowners fear this means they'll be trapped in their current color scheme forever, but if you choose neutral granite, you can re-design your kitchen with new colors that still coordinate with the granite at some point. 

They're earth-friendly.

Granite is a natural rock, and it does not need to be treated with any harsh chemicals to make it into a viable countertop. As such, it is an earth-friendly counter material. If you're willing to pay a little more to do what's best for the planet, buying granite is a good choice.

They'll make your home easier to sell.

When people look for a home, granite counters are often on their must-have list. It would be unfortunate to have someone walk away from your home for sale just because of the counters, but it does happen. If you have granite counters, you won't have to deal with this limiting factor. You'll get more offers, you'll get offers sooner, and you'll probably be offered more for your home.

They're safe.

So many countertops are semi-porous. Even if they are initially non-porous, they become porous over time as they age. This can lead to some legitimate safety concerns as far as bacterial and fungal growth. Granite counters, once sealed, are non-porous, which means bacteria and grime will not work their way into them. You can wipe the counter clean and know you've protected yourself against foodborne illness and other contamination.

Granite counters are not cheap, but they are absolutely worth the price you pay. If you invest a little more in granite counters, you will get a lot in return — including a lifetime of use, a higher home value, and improved safety for your family.

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