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Mouse Mitigation and Removal Tips for Homeowners

by Cherly King

Mice are a common pest that homeowners will have to take active steps to mitigate and address. Otherwise, they could find themselves facing a stubborn mouse problem that may be stressful for them to mitigate.

Close Any Exterior Openings in the Home

Exterior gaps and other unintended openings can provide the mice with an easy way to enter the home. Unfortunately, homeowners will often neglect the importance of closing these gaps, which can lead to them failing to address them. In addition to monitoring for these gaps along the base of the home, the area around the roof should also be assessed for them. This may seem strange, but it could be possible for mice to make it to the roof through the gutters or by climbing nearby trees.

Regularly Monitor for Signs of Rodent Activity

Mice can reproduce at a very fast rate, and this can lead to your home's mouse problem rapidly growing in severity. Acting quickly can be an effective way of reducing the ability of the mouse problem to worsen. To give yourself as much warning as possible with addressing your mouse problem, it can be necessary to actively look for signs of mouse activity in and around your house. Droppings are one of the more noticeable signs of a mouse problem, but these pests can also leave other clues that they are present. For example, these pests may also chew on wires, boxes and other items, which could leave small bite marks that you may be able to notice. At the first sign of mouse droppings or other indications of mouse activity, a professional exterminator should be contacted to quickly neutralize your infestation.

Recognize the Problems That Using Poison Can Create

When a homeowner suspects that they have a mouse problem, they may attempt to handle it on their own by simply placing mouse and rat poison in areas where the mice are active. While effective, this can also pose some significant risks. For example, this option could lead to a higher chance of pets, children, or other accidental exposure occurring. Additionally, it could lead to the mice dying in the walls or other inaccessible areas, which could lead to foul smells. A professional mouse exterminator will have an assortment of options and tools that can allow them to humanely and safely neutralize these pests. This may include a variety of sophisticated traps that could be used to capture or exterminate the rodents without the use of poison or other chemical products.

For more information about mice pest control, contact a pest control company in your area.