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Make A Big Change To Your Bathroom On A Smaller Budget With A Glass Shower Door And Enclosure

by Cherly King

Is your bathroom looking rather drab or boring these days and you want to make a change but you don't have the budget to just do whatever you want? Do you wish you could expand the bathroom to create more space or at least give it the feeling of being a bit more expansive but a huge change like that is just not in the cards? One way you may be able to make a big change to your bathroom without going over budget might be to look into installing a new glass shower door and enclosure. Here's how installing a glass shower can help transform your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Create a Light and Bright Feeling From the Bathroom Door to the Back Wall

If you still have a curtain and tub setup, when someone looks into the bathroom, they only see the curtain and not the wall behind it. Depending on the angle, this could make your bathroom appear to be much smaller than it actually is. But remove the curtain for a glass enclosure and you'll be able to see to the back wall. This makes the room more bright for whoever is in the shower and allowing light from either the window or your light installations to travel freely from wall to wall can create a lighter overall feeling or vibe to the room.

The Shower Is One of the First Things People See Upon Entering a Bathroom

You don't have the budget to knock a wall out or add brand new fixtures like a sink, a new toilet, and so on. Even with a limited budget, making just this one change with your shower can work wonders. The shower is often the centerpiece of the bathroom. Upgrading this one area can change the overall vibe of the entire room and simply give it all a much more premium feel, even if you don't put a single dollar into any other aspect of the renovation. Do the shower first when thinking about a remodel and you may find you like the new look so much that you don't have to spend additional money on every little thing.

Just Getting Rid of That Soap Scum Covered Curtain Can Work Wonders for Visual Appeal

A shower curtain looks decent enough the first day it's installed, but it's a hassle to keep clean and, eventually, mildew or soap scum may start to show up over time. It can be a hassle to clean a dirty shower curtain, what with all of the folds and creases that are formed every time you close it. When you go to a glass enclosure, this entire process becomes much easier for you or whoever is doing the cleaning. A crystal clear glass enclosure lends further visual appeal as well compared to a dirty curtain. 

For more information, contact a local glass shower door retailer.