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How To Choose A Persian Rug

by Cherly King

Persian rugs make lovely, functional accent pieces in a room. They can add softness underfoot, and their colorful, intricate patterns coordinate well with many types of decor. However, as you begin to shop for Persian rugs, one thing will quickly become clear: you have lots of options. How can you choose just one? Here are some tips to guide you.

Decide whether you want a large or small pattern. 

Every Persian rug has a unique pattern, but there are two groups these patterns fall into. Some tend to be large and bold, while others are smaller and more detailed. If you decide between large- and small-patterned Persian rugs, then you will already be cutting your choices roughly in half. Large patterns tend to work best in big, open spaces. Smaller patterns tend to work better in smaller spaces.

There's also a matter of taste to consider. If you like busier decor and don't mind clutter, then a smaller pattern can work well. If you prefer big, open spaces and minimalism, then you may want to focus on larger-patterned Persian rugs.

Look for a color reflected in your room.

Persian rugs are really colorful. There will almost always be more color on the rug than anywhere else in your decor. However, you do want a rug that has at least one color that's reflected elsewhere in your room. For instance, if your walls are burgundy, then look for a rug that has at least some burgundy in its pattern. It can have lots of other colors, too, but the burgundy should be obvious.

Pay attention to thickness.

A lot of Persian rugs are on the thinner side. This makes them portable and easier to set up. If the rug is going in a living room or bedroom, a thin one is generally quite suitable. However, if you are putting the rug in a high-traffic area, such as in an entryway, you may want to look for a thicker one. They do exist; they just exist in smaller numbers than the thinner rugs. Feel the thickness of the Persian rug between your fingers since appearance can be deceiving. 

Hopefully, this article has given you some core things to consider as you shop for a Persian rug. Don't hesitate to visit a few different vendors and consider multiple options. The perfect Persian rug for you is out there; it's just a matter of finding it.