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3 Important Steps To Preparing For Outdoor Summer Parties

by Cherly King

Are you looking forward to the summer months? Have you been excitedly thinking about all of the barbecues and other outdoor gatherings that you'll be able to have now that the weather is getting warmer? When you have a large backyard, outdoor entertaining can be the highlight of your summer. But in order to be sure that you're ready to take on this task, it is important that you make a checklist of things that need to be done before summer fully arrives. While some of these things may be obvious, other tasks may not be so obvious. A few of the things that you should include on your list are:

Check your patio furniture: There's nothing quite like pulling your patio furniture out of storage for your first outdoor BBQ of the year only to discover that one or more of the pieces is broken or otherwise damaged. While you may have put the furniture away in good condition, fluctuating temperatures and winter dampness can take a toll on stored furniture. In combination, these conditions can create or exaggerate flaws that may result in furniture that is unusable. As a result, it's a good idea to check any and all furniture or cushions that you plan on using this year.

Repair your patio: No matter what climate you live in, winter is often not kind to the outdoor wood of a porch or patio. In order to make sure that the patio itself is ready to party, consider hiring a local patio services company to make any repairs or adjustments that are needed. A patio services company will do things like tighten loose screws and fix loose nails, stain or repaint the wood, and more. While you could potentially do these things yourself, it's often faster and cheaper, in the long run, to let a patio services company handle all of the work.

Reseed your lawn: You don't need a perfect lawn to have a fun barbecue but an attractive lawn can still be an important part of any outdoor party. Visit your local lawn and garden center for tips on how to reseed your lawn now so that it will be lush and full by the time your first summer party rolls around. Spring is also often a good time to apply fertilizer to your grass to encourage it to grow, which is something else that the employees at your local lawn & garden center should be able to help you with.