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Spring Home Decorating: What Items Your Customers Are Looking For In 2023

by Cherly King

When you are looking for wholesale items to purchase and sell for your business, it is important to know what is trending in the home décor market for the spring season. Knowing what items are hot will keep you from buying items that may not sell well. It will also help you know what items you should purchase in bulk to keep up with demand of your customers.

Fresh and faux plants

Plants are hot for spring decorating, and not only actual plants but also in design themes for everything from kitchen canisters to wall art. Faux succulents and cacti are popular choices for accent table décor. Decorative pillows and kitchen textiles with plant themes are sure to be a hit in spring of 2023.

Popular pastels

Sweet pink, baby blue, seafoam green, lush lavender, and buttery yellow pastels are spring favorites that are making a comeback in 2023 interior decorating. Picture frames, decorative boxes, planters, vases, and dinnerware in pastel shades will help customers create the perfect spring feel in their home to celebrate the arrival of a new season.

Nature-inspired materials

Stock up on woven baskets, seashells, natural wood trays, and weathered wood candle sconces and bowls. These items are perfect for any home design style and are a great fit for a spring home refresh. Their simple look makes them a popular choice for adding natural warmth to any home's interior.  

Sweet florals

It would not be spring without seeing a lot of florals popping up in department stores, and for good reason. Not only are floral-patterned items beautiful, but no spring interior would be complete without them. Mix and match colors for best results and to give your customers plenty of sweet florals to choose from.

Floral throws, accent pillows, placemats, fabric napkins, napkin holders, tea sets, and decorative jars are good choices. Do not overlook the need for a good supply of floral curtain toppers, kitchen towels, and dish cloths.

Chicken and bunny figurines

Chicken and bunny figurines are a popular spring trend that is not going away. Perfect for creating a centerpiece, miniature chicks and bunnies will look charming when arranged on a pastel tray. Make sure to have several colors of plastic grass on hand for customers to use when creating a centerpiece with figurines.

The home decorating market is huge and the demand for new items for interior design is always growing. For spring 2023, people are longing for a home that is warm and welcoming. Meeting the needs of your customers is important and knowing what is trending for 2023 will help. Reach out to a home decoration wholesale supplier near you to learn more.