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  • Tips And Techniques For Maintaining Your Teak (Outdoor Furniture, That Is)

    17 June 2015

    One of the most popular materials for outdoor furniture is a hardwood known as teak. Teak outdoor furniture should last for many years, as it is extremely durable and suitable for most outdoor environments. Although outdoor teak furniture requires minimal maintenance, there are some measures you should take to keep it in optimal condition and aesthetically pleasing. You may maintain your teak wood patio furniture with store-bought products specially made for teak, or you can make your own solution with ordinary household cleaners.

  • Don't Let Field Mice Come Back: Tips For Protecting Your Yard From Small Rodents

    18 May 2015

    When you have lived in the city for most of your life and dream of leaving the urban jungle behind for country living and gardening, the last thing you may envision is a yard overrun with rodents. However, if you live near open fields or empty lots, your precious plants may be vulnerable to rapidly producing field mice. When you notice a few of the small rodents scurrying through your garden, rest assured there are plenty more gnawing on your edibles and flowers.

  • Three Tips For Your Maiden Voyage Into Nautical Decor

    20 April 2015

    Do you love the look of a nautical-themed room? Do you want to add some maritime style to your own home, but aren't sure whether or not you can pull it off? You absolutely can. Read on for three fun tips to guide you through your native voyage into nautical decor. Hoist The Right Colors The first step in your journey is selecting a color scheme that is reminiscent of the sea.

  • Surprise! While It Snowed, This Pest Mowed Through Your Yard

    25 March 2015

    As spring finally seems to be making its way around the country, Americans in many cities are, quite literally, digging out from one of the coldest, snowiest winters in years. If you live in an area of the country that experienced this severe winter, you should be prepared to find that while you hibernated, one winter pest was hard at work under the snowpack. Voles (no, not moles) are small rodents, similar to mice, who chomp busily away on the roots of grass, trees, and shrubs.

  • Can I Wire My Prefab House Myself?

    3 March 2015

    When they first made their appearance during WW II, prefabricated homes were a famous novelty. For about $2,500, a family could order a house kit from a catalog like Sears and Roebuck. The kit would arrive in partially built pieces to be completed on-site by the homeowner or whoever he had hired to help him. Even the electrical wiring could be pre-installed to make building the home more economical, but unless you were an electrician by trade, or knew a lot about how electricity works, you still needed an electrical contractor to help.

  • How To Get Your Partner On Board With Your Feng Shui Ideas

    11 February 2015

    For some people, furnishing and decorating a home is an intentional process. Every piece of furniture works together to create the optimum living space that leaves you feeling at ease, energized, and safe. If you are one of these people, then it is likely you follow several feng shui practices in your decorated. What happens when you move in with someone who does not believe in the importance of feng shui or intentional decorating?

  • 2 Upcycling Projects For Old Shutters

    22 January 2015

    If you're renovating an old house, you might be finding a lot of parts and pieces that seem as though they have little place in today's world. When replacing your old shutters with new ones, like those from Aero Shade Co. Inc., don't just throw your old ones away. Here are two projects you should consider doing with those old shutters instead. Old Shutter Organizer If you're like most people, you've probably had that moment of panic, wondering if you've paid all the bills, or have an appointment you're forgetting.